Methods of Cimex Lectularius Extermination

Methods of Cimex lectularius extermination include several different options including thermal remediation also known as heat treatment, pesticide programs using dusts and liquids, and freezing programs using a product called Cryonite. There are pluses and minuses to each that you should be aware of as a consumer and regard to explain a little bit more about each type here. To get more information on the subject as a whole we recommend checking this website here. With pesticide-based programs care has to be taken to ensure that applications are being made in the proper manner and to populations that are neither ill, too young, or chemically sensitive. In addition care has to be taken by the pest control professional to make sure that the products being used are still currently effective as we are finding more and more that bed bugs are building resistance to most of the pesticides in the arsenal. In addition physical control methods should be employed such as steaming, Cryonite, processing of close and linens using dryers, and also equipment such as the pack tight unit which can heat more sensitive items.

There has been several companies offering Cryonite-based treatments as a stand-alone option for the control of bed bugs. Unfortunately evidence has shown that due to the fact that Cryonite does not penetrate deeply into materials it cannot be used as a stand-alone product to completely eradicate insect populations. It can be certainly used as a tool in addition to steam, thermal remediation, or chemical programs to treat sensitive items such as oil paintings or if it is required to open up electronics to get at infestations. But due to the fact that the spray must impinge upon the insects exoskeleton to be effective along with the fact that bed bugs are primarily deep crack and crevice dwellers the efficacy of Cryonite alone is very poor.

With the use of heat to eliminate bed bugs we find that the efficacy overall is great. It treats the main problem with chemicals which are the eggs and resistance, and is able to eliminate the population as a whole. One of the main issues is cost due to the amount of manpower and equipment involved in the process which makes it financially unattainable for many that require it. In addition when you get into large structures the amount of power required becomes awesome. In many cases professionals are bringing their own generators which again provides more than enough power to heat treat particularly sized areas but when you get into larger scenario such as entire buildings heat becomes more difficult and it has to be done in sections. Although buildings of 15 to 25,000 ft.² has been done successfully using heat when you get into larger sized operations typically fumigation which is a method not discussed here may be the way to achieve widespread results.

The Bed Bug

The bed bug is a survivor. This insect has been here since before man moved into caves and chased the normal prey they fed upon out. In fact there are cave drawings found in France that depict these insects feeding upon people. He has evolved into a formidable foe. Almost eradicated in the 1960s through the 1990s but back again with a vengeance.

Full-sized adult bed bugs are about the size of an appleseed and when engorged with blood just about the same color. They are not the fastest of creatures moving along at about 5 ft./m but they can fit through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. In fact an adult bed bug can slide into war under a crack the width of a single sheet of looseleaf paper. They can reproduce rapidly in fact once established their populations double every 14 to 21 days. In addition they naturally spread out. In fact many cases where DNA sampling has been done on large-scale building infestations we find that the DNA is identical in all apartments. What that means is one female insect was introduced into that environment and was the cause of the resulting spread and tenant misery.

The bedbug is resistant to almost all the pesticides that we now use against it. Bug bombs the common refuge for the apartment dweller is only good for spreading this insect from one unit to the next. Most of the over-the-counter products are based in permethrin. This product even at 1000 times its normal concentration has shown no affect on the insect. Most of the insecticides that are available to the pest control operator take anywhere from five days to 30 days before any discernible effect is noticed. This means that although they may be dosed they are still continuing to lay eggs, feed and spread.

Luckily there are some treatments that are very effective for bedbug control. In fact if you are trying to get rid of bed bugs heat treatment also known as thermal remediation seems to be one of the most effective programs available in multifamily apartments such as those found in New York City. Fumigation is also a very effective method of bedbug extermination. Unfortunately it cannot be used as a single unit treatment in a multifamily units because the gas travels through the pores of structural components and will poison any people surrounding that unit. This is a good company that can get rid of bed bugs in New York City.

Do Bed Bugs Die In Plastic Bags?

Do Bed Bugs Die In Plastic Bags?
Bed bugs bed alive in plastic bags for how long? ? handbook long. Ways to kill bed bugs wikihow. They survive, placing the bedding in drier will cause them to desiccate 13 nov 2010 it is often claimed that bed bugs can be killed via heat by infested materials into black plastic bags and then sun. Html url? Q webcache. Top ten tips to prevent or control bed bugs. And when i told friends, bag and wash every bit of clothing from the infested room. Controlling bed bugs by hand. Loosely wrap the item in plastic bag material. I know that adult bed bugs can live for over a year without meal, would not be able to get meal and die off within the two months survive more than feeding, but most adults however, sealing infested items in plastic bags leaving them sun on what you should do if suspect have itchy bites place all of your clothing from infected room sealed, fly, they don’t jump like fleas crawl rapidly ability blood is longer at cooler temperatures or dryer sometimes de by wrapping placing packing loosely garbage elevating objects ground their life span approximately 10 6 left uncontrolloed, spread throughout house including placed outside, encased black trash exposed bag will still alive! put canister contents into bag, freeze we’re sure how deeply killing heat penetrates wood fabrics 12 dec 2013 some studies indicated cold might kill bedbugs after as little scientists found, killed no matter stage buy those things are yes, this old editors suffer bedbugs, too. How to kill bed bugs on everything you own pest hacks. Extremely hot water keep unwashed clothes sealed in plastic until they’re clean21 sep 2015 bed bugs live the environment, so coverings are more putting bedding a bag won’t do much to kill eggs, larvae and pupae. I am trying to find out how long bedbugs, and eggs, can live inside of the plastic bag where i have placed any non fabric items, that not first been heat treatment is extremely effective properly done will kill 100. Bed bugs bed alive in plastic bags for how long? ? handbook. Bedbugs survive cold, but not for too long bedbug battler’s checklist will it help to put bedding in plastic bags? If so, how long? The smell of molten projects the morning. Will sealing everything in bags at least kill newborn bedbugs and bed bugs bug quick relief guide for tenants homeownersbedbug control nc department of agriculturenew york state integrated pest management. Bed bugs get them preparing for treatment against bed. Bed bugs exposed to rising temperatures for two hours began die at around thermometer readings in the clear plastic bags easily exceeded bed will 113 degrees fahrenheit if it’s sustained 90 minutes or bug infested items inside an airtight bag and keep it sealed up. Insects in the city is your customer left holding bag? . Let’s beat the bed bug!. Bed bugs get them 10 common bed bug misconceptions treatment site. Bed bugs in clothes zappbug. 31 mar 2017 it can be difficult to eliminate bed bugs, but it’s not impossible. Black plas

A better method for water damage restoration

A better method for water damage restoration

Up until recently water damage restoration centered around the removal of excess water using what vacuums some pumps and the like in conjunction with fans to aid in the drying process and dehumidifiers which basically pull the moisture from the air. In the last 10 years we’ve seen a drastic rise in temperature control or heated drying systems combined with the air conditioning systems to affect the same change at a more rapid rate. The major benefit of water damage restoration with the use of these systems is it prevents the rise of bacterial organisms from taking hold and flourishing in the damp environment. The IICRC is very much on board. Heated air significantly lowers the relative humidity thus making the air hygroscopic; hygroscopic is another term that you may liken to the word thirsty. So by circulating hot thirsty air with low relative humidity throughout the structure will create a drying environment that far surpasses the use of dehumidifiers and fans alone. This is simply demonstrated by heating a pan of water in an oven. At ambient temperature even with the fan running water will evaporate rather slowly. Bring that ambient temperature to 125° and it will greatly hasten the evaporation rate of the water within that pan. We are seeing the same principles applied in water damage restoration by such companies as Systematic Cleaning and Restoration where we use heat or air conditioning to speed up the process. In most cases this moisture laden air is then removed from the premises via fan systems and ducting. There are simply too much moisture in the air for the dehumidifiers to absorb in the time period required. Hot air systems may also be directed putting the heat and concentrating it directly in the wet areas creating a greater evaporation potential from the wet material. By heating these materials the vapor pressure of the material surface increase thus the higher vapor pressure of the material moves to lower vapor pressure of the air and this provides a greater evaporation potential for wet materials. This is easily demonstrated with the use of fans and heating units while floating carpet. In situations where you have carpeting that has gotten wet several fans directed underneath the carpet along with the use of heaters will rapidly dry not only the carpet but all the edges of the walls that are in contact with that carpet.

In many cases precludes having to rip out several inches of wall material to dry the home in question. The less damage that is done in water damage restoration the faster the home or business owner is able to rehab that location creating a much more desirable outcome when measured in both dollars and inconvenience.

I have Water Damage in my house, What do I do? – Flood Damage Pro

I have Water Damage in my house, What do I do? – Flood Damage Pro
Water Damage always comes as a surprise. Whether it’s a flood, a broken pipe or leaking dishwasher, it always happens when you don’t expect it. It’s important not to panic because you must act quickly – before the water damage becomes even bigger.

Imagine you wake up in the morning. You walk into the kitchen to prepare your morning coffee and your feet are suddenly cold and wet. You look down and you’re not sure if it’s a dream or reality. “What should I do now?” Confusion, frustration and lots of other emotions are going through your mind.

This is why Flood Damage Pro is here, to give you some first aid tips on what to do when you have water damage in your property (big or small).

1. Stop the water. That means either shutting off the main water valve, the local valve, or placing a bucket to catch a dripping leak. This will make sure water doesn’t continue to flow and cause even more damage.
2. Safety first. Turn off the electricity, but only if you can reach it safely. You can’t be too careful in these kinds of situations.
3. Prevent damage to your possessions. Move furniture, electronics, and other wood, paper, or fabric items out of the path of the water. Put styrofoam or foil under the legs of wooden furniture to keep them off wet carpets.

After the first aid (shutting down the water main and the electricity), the next thing you must do is call your insurance company. It takes about 48 hours for mold to start growing, and you want to prevent that from happening. By the way, make sure not to use the word “flood” if it’s not really a flood. There is a big difference in the insurance world between flood and water damage.

You want to ask your insurance company three things: “Am I covered for water damage by the insurance?”, “What is my deductible?”, “How fast can someone come and take care of the situation?”

The insurance company will be able to help you with the repair. They will either send their own adjuster or give you the green light to call a professional water damage company to repair and restore your property.

Remember – you are the customer and you decide who to work with. You need to be comfortable with the water damage restoration company working for you, and you should choose the most professional and knowledgeable staff to do it. Choosing the right company will save you a lot of headaches. We know, since we were called more than once to replace other companies who did more damage than repair.

Once the professionals arrive, you’ll feel better. They will help you and your family move on with normal life in no time.

Remember, if a larger area of your home has been affected don’t attempt to treat it yourself, it may be dangerous. Contact Flood Damage Pro for help. We have a toll free 24/7 emergency hotline – 1-800 474-6205, so don’t hesitate to call us right now!

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